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.Human Resources Policy

Our HR Policy

We prioritize the effective evaluation and development of our employees at every level who consistently achieve their goals, enhance their competencies, and are willing to take on responsibilities. Ensuring their growth and career planning are among our top priorities.

The Mission of Our Human Resources:

Aligned with the goals and strategies of our company, our mission in Human Resources is to assess the performance of our employees, identify areas for improvement, and contribute to their development.

Our core principles in this regard are as follows:

  • Ağasan Makina, which believes its most significant asset is its human capital and achieves success with the strength and support of its employees.
  • Recruiting quality talent with the knowledge and skills required by their roles.
  • Creating an effective communication and motivation environment where employees can utilize their creativity and express their ideas.
  • Following a participatory management policy that encompasses diverse perspectives and knowledge.
  • Prioritizing the personal and professional development of employees, supporting continuous learning and growth.
  • Evaluating employee performance with objective criteria, appreciating and encouraging high performance.
  • Establishing and maintaining a safe, healthy, and peaceful work environment in terms of job safety and health.
  • Following a transparent and open management policy for employees.
    Respecting the financial and personal rights of employees.
  • Embracing an innovative human resources policy to continually provide the best to our employees.

Our Human Resources Vision:

Our vision in Human Resources is to create an environment where individuals who share our company’s values and possess the personality and educational background can adapt to change rapidly. They should be versatile, committed to continuous self-improvement, enthusiastic, curious, and harmonious with their environment. We aim to provide them with the necessary opportunities and environment to be happy, productive, and creative employees.


These policies aim to ensure that individuals with high levels of competence can enhance both their professional and personal development and utilize their potential most effectively. At AĞASAN MAKİNA, we create an environment where the best can thrive.

.Recruitment Process

Inspire and get inspired by professional experts

Our recruitment process is designed to ensure the right candidate is matched with the appropriate position. We evaluate open positions by considering Ağasan Makina’s database, career portals, and individual applications. Candidates are then invited for initial interviews.

After the initial interview with the Human Resources Department, candidates who are found suitable may undergo a range of assessments, including attention tests, general aptitude tests, foreign language tests, personality assessments, and case studies, tailored to the requirements of the specific position. Shortlisted candidates will then have interviews with the respective department managers.

Once a candidate is approved by the department manager, reference checks and salary negotiations follow, ultimately leading to a formal job offer.

Upon acceptance of the job offer, the candidate begins their employment journey. We provide orientation and Health and Safety (HSE) training to facilitate a smooth transition into their role.


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