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About Us

Since 2003

.About Ağasan Makina

We work for you since 2003

At AĞASAN MAKİNA, we believe in the limitless power of imagination. We encourage you not to restrict your dreams but to let your ideas flow freely because, at AĞASAN MAKİNA, we turn dreams into reality.

Established in the year 2003 in a small workshop at Beşevler Small Industrial Site, AĞASAN MAKİNA has come a long way. Today, our company proudly operates in a spacious 3,200 square meter facility located in the Nilüfer Organized Industrial Zone.

AĞASAN MAKİNA has earned its reputation as a reliable name in the industry by carefully analyzing the needs of our customers. With a commitment to delivering top-quality service and a forward-thinking approach, we’ve rapidly grown and continued to develop.

Our specialized machinery includes:

Custom automation systems
Customer-specific machine designs
Mold production and manufacturing
We proudly serve Bursa’s leading Automotive and Textile companies. Our machine park includes CNC 3-axis Machining Centers, CNC 5-axis Machining Centers, Large and Small Lathes, Universal Lathes, Mold Mills, Column Drills, Guide Pull Machines, and TIG Welding Machines.

At AĞASAN MAKİNA, we are here to turn your visions into reality, to explore the limitless possibilities, and to make dreams come true.


To engineer and produce machinery, apparatus, molds, fixtures, and industrial equipment, catering to the needs of the automotive, textile, food, and construction industries.


To emerge as a prominent player in the sectors we operate, and stand among Turkey’s foremost enterprises.

.Company Profile

Our Product Line

Custom Machinery Design: Tailored machinery solutions designed to meet your unique needs.
Precision Control Fixtures: State-of-the-art fixtures for exacting quality control.
Integrated Automation Systems: Cutting-edge machines seamlessly incorporating automation.
Welding and Assembly Fixtures: Specialized tools to streamline welding and assembly processes.
Sheet Metal Molds: High-precision molds for sheet metal shaping.
Industrial Equipment: A wide range of industrial tools and equipment.

Production Facility

Our expansive 2500 square meters production facility is a hub of productivity.

Key Competencies

Innovative 3D Design: Creative design solutions brought to life through 3D modeling.
CAD/CAM Expertise: Harnessing computer-aided design and manufacturing for precision.
Advanced CNC Machining: Utilizing 3 to 5-axis CNC machining for intricate components.
Automation and Software Mastery: Creating smart, automated systems with advanced software.
Seamless Assembly and Commissioning: Expertise in hassle-free assembly and start-up.

Our Team

A dedicated team of 35 skilled professionals working towards your success.

.Company Policy

Our Company Policy

At AĞASAN MAKİNA SAN. TİC.LTD.ŞTİ., our fundamental goal is to foster healthy and sustainable growth by delivering superior quality products and services that meet our customers’ needs and expectations.

To realize this vision, we have established a quality and production system that is wholly dedicated to customer satisfaction and ultimate success. As company management and employees, we wholeheartedly embrace the following core values and corporate principles in all our decisions and activities:

A relentless commitment to continuous learning and improvement.
A strong dedication to fostering teamwork.
An unwavering pursuit of both individual and organizational growth.
The nurturing of a collaborative spirit with our valued customers and dedicated suppliers.
The preservation and enhancement of the natural environment for the sake of sustainable well-being and quality of life.
The creation of a healthy and secure working environment.
Above all, a profound dedication to placing “a human-centered lifestyle” at the forefront of our values and corporate ethos.
All our team members ardently champion and practice this policy, driven by a customer-centric commitment to quality and a passionate pursuit of excellence in every task.

.Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy

At AĞASAN MAKİNA SAN.TİC.LTD.ŞTİ., both the management and employees are dedicated to preserving and continuously improving the natural environment. We consider the enhancement of workplace safety and employee health standards as our paramount responsibility to current and future generations.

In alignment with this commitment, we meticulously adhere to the requirements of our environmental management system and legal regulations to minimize the environmental impacts of our production activities.

We provide continuous education to all our employees, their families, and suppliers regarding the significance of the natural living environment and the development of environmental consciousness, and encourage their support in these efforts.

In our pursuit of excellence in product and service quality, we also aspire to set an example as a corporate citizen, exemplifying environmental awareness and practices.

.Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

Our goal is to become a preferred brand in the Turkish and global markets by ensuring customer satisfaction through product quality, durability, technology, price, and post-sales services. To achieve this aim, our fundamental principles include:

Doing it right the first time.
Taking personal responsibility.
Taking ownership of one’s work.
Prioritizing a quality-focused approach.
In this context, the management of AĞASAN is committed to providing all the necessary support and resources for the implementation and continuous improvement of the quality management system.

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Since 2003

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